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Bamboo Rain Stick

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Age Recommendation: 3 year+

Improved version of the classic South American instrument. Easy to play, easy on the eye, easy on the ear and affordable too. Made from a length of bamboo, pierced through with an evenly spaced spiral of bamboo pegs, to make the enclosed pices of stone fall slowly when the rainstick is turned upside down. The longer the rainstick, the longer the "rain" shower that results. This one is 40cm long and works well as a shaker too.

How to Play it

To play as a shaker hold in one or both hands and rock back and forth. To play as a rainstick hold in both hands and slowly tip the rainstick upside down. The slower you do the tipping, the longer the "rain" will last. Try rotating the rainstick as you tip it as this can help to dislodge extra bits of "rain".

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