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Fun Introduction to Music with Kids Musical Toys


For kids, Christmas is all about fun and lots of gifts.  Make this Christmas the perfect time to give the kids a fun introduction to music.  Not only are these toys fun to play with but they also help with the toddler’s cognitive development.

Babies are intrigued by sound and bright colors. Bright sparkly jingle bells are perfect to keep your newborn occupied.  The safety of your baby is pivotal to us and our range of baby-safe bells in the Halilit range are manufactured in accordance with the safety standards.

Our range of kids’ music toys are simple, safe, and made after years of research into kids’ behaviors to bring the best out of your kid.  Be it identifying the colors or experience the music, Rainbow Desk Bells are ideal for your kids’ first experience to music. A simple press on the button on top of the bell produces a distinct tone, adding joy and fun for your loved one.

Our uniquely designed, elegant spinning bells play a different note when tapped with the enclosed mallet allowing your kids to be as innovative as possible.

You can also make this Christmas special for your little one with our Fun Factory Jingle Sticks or Halilit Handy Bells that are fun and easy to play with.  

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