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Remo Kids Bongos

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Age Recommendation: 3 year+

Bongo drums consist of two different drums heads giving both high and low pitches and they are traditionally played with the hands.

Bongos are one of the Afro-Cuban rhythm instruments. These eye catching bongos have the Remo rain forest pattern loved by children and most importantly they have professional quality Fiberskyn 3 drum heads.

The sound of the bongo is different when played at the edge of the head and the middle of the head. Bongo players combine these sounds and rhythms between the high and low bongo drums to create wonderful patterns of sound.

A great creative tool for young children. Sturdy and long lasting this is a high quality drum, from the makers of orchestral grade instruments that will give pleasure for years to come. Drum diameters: 13 cm and 15 cm

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