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Symphony of Sleep

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Mums & Dads, do you sometimes get frustrated and distressed when baby stubbornly refuses to go to sleep? Are you concerned that baby might not get enough of the important, restful sleep that she needs? Well, worry no longer!!
Majors for Minors – is proud to present Symphony of Sleep. A compilation of classically orchestrated music that’s been designed to calm the body and mind into a peaceful state of sleepiness. That magical state that we all NEED to visit, that your precious child will grow to love, can now be more easily reached through a little encouragement from Majors for Minors Symphony of Sleep.
Majors for Minors Symphony of Sleep, through the incorporation of PASSIVE music stimulation using our special ingredients, provides a sound so soothing and comforting, that it allows the body and mind to relax and enjoy the tranquility of peaceful sleep.

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