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about us

Christine Gora

M.Ed.Studs.; B.Ed.; Dip. Arts in Music.; T.T.C.

My interest in teaching young children music began when as a young mother of four children I realised the importance of music and movement to the overall development of the child. I began my professional teaching career more than 30 years ago as a high school music teacher and once I became a mum my focus shifted to the early childhood sector and primary school teaching. As well as teaching music in the classroom I taught music privately in my own studio, offering piano, singing, guitar, group keyboard and recorder tuition for children and adults.

At a conference in Queensland in October 2008 I received an award in recognition of being the longest continuously serving Kindermusik educator in Australia and New Zealand. There is no other early childhood music program that does this as well and as thoroughly as Kindermusik. I personally teach all the classes from my studios in Hobart. I am also the Tasmanian GymbaROO franchisee. Music and movement are interdependent and so important for the developing brain.

From 2005 to 2009 I worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Tasmania studying young children's musical identity and well being. Children from my Kindermusik classes were participants in this exciting longitudinal study conducted over a three year period under the direction of Professor Margaret Barrett. A $200,000 funding grant was provided by the Australian Council for Research.

So it is from out of this background of more than 30 years of specializing in the teaching of music to young children that Kids Music Toys has developed. Now that I am a grandparent I am particularly interested in helping grandparents choose the best instruments for their grandchildren. I source products that I know will stimulate the imagination of babies and young children, that are age appropriate and are able to be handled by little ones, and products that have stood the test of time with the vigorous use they get in the classroom. Kids Music Toys is a great place to find musical instruments for kids and beautiful CDs for babies and young children.