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  • Maracas, Shakers and Rattles

    Mar 31 2020

    A great way to enhance your baby's senses and develop their skills is to introduce simple toys which are brightly coloured, come in a variety of shapes and create sounds that help in your baby’s auditory and gross motor skills; instruments that your little one can grasp, shake, rattle and roll. Percussion instruments such as Maracas, Rattles, or Shakers are perfect as the sound is created with just small movements from the child.

    Available in the simple shape such as the egg, or in circles, boxes and triangles, to the larger ovals with handles, these are perfect for your child, depending on the age, whether a kindergartener or a baby. We have beautiful wooden ones and washable plastic ones such as those from the Haliit range. A pair of shakers is best, particularly with babies and young ones as they are at the bilateral phase of development and want to use both hands together.

    Egg shakers are a great alternative to chocolate eggs for Easter, and they are long lasting, providing hours of musical fun. So this Easter choose a maraca and make it a happy, musical time together.

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