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  • Scarves, Ribbons and Balls

    Feb 14 2020

    Children are full of vitality, and a lovely method to channel this creatively is by means of acquainting them with some simple yet captivating props that will enhance their music and movement activities.

    Whether you want to allow them to freely express or you want to create a game for them, props such as scarves, ribbons, and balls are a pleasure for preschoolers.

    Babies absolutely love discovering splendid, vibrant colours, and allowing them to play with scarves helps develop motor skills at the same time! Playing with scarves is fun, easy, and you can do it almost anywhere, the secret is using ones that are lightweight and sheer. The dancing scarves from Kids Music Toys float beautifully and are ideal for peek-a-boo games as well as creative dance.

    Similarly, brightly coloured ribbons, either those on a wrist band, a ring or sparkly stick, enhance hand movements allowing rippling effects, stripes and spirals and encourage the imagination. Balls that are easy to hold, roll and catch in time to music are great for developing coordination.

    Incorporating such simple props can have a remarkably positive influence on your child’s sensory, cognitive, motor skills, physical, and emotional development, critical building blocks they need to grow and have success in school.

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