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Halilit Musical Toys


With years of research and experience, keeping the safety, robust design and attractiveness of small percussion instruments and the precise tuning of the xylophone, Halilit has become a leader in creating musical toys for young children.  A wide range of musical instruments matched to the developmental needs of children even as young as 3 months of age. 

With music being the core focus, these musical toys are created specifically for the purpose of introducing your baby to the magical world of music.

Being a leader in the field of kids musical toys, Halilit manufactures toys that range from brightly coloured items that are hard wearing, easy to use, perfectly suited to keeping your newborn occupied, to more advanced toys that can kindle your child’s creativity, develop fine motor and listening skills.

Innovative designs and the quality of the materials complemented with accurate sounds make Halilit musical toys a safe, age appropriate and educational choice for the development of your child.

Contact Kids Music Toys to learn more about our musical instruments. Check out today our special offers on many Halilit toys.


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