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Halilit Clatterpillar

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Age Recommendation: 3 years+

This unique stripey rattler produces a satisfying sound that every child will enjoy. The Clatterpillar makes an amazing clickity-clack sound that can change as you play, from a gentle ripple to a clattering crescendo! A real musical instrument as well as a toy, this is suitable for children 3 years and up. The Claterpillar is a modern, child friendly version of the Japanese Kokiriko. We have found it to be a great toy for teaching hand co-ordination and rhythm!

Using an up and down movement with both hands the Clatter Pillar's segments clap against each other to create a clattery sound. Try different speeds and you will soon see your movements turn into rhythm.

Halilit are committed to producing musical toys and instruments which comply with the highest standards of safety whilst producing excellent sounds.

Colours can vary from those illustrated.

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