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  1. 3/06/2020 1:59 pm

    With venturing outside of home and occupied business lives fundamentally at a stop, it's an ideal opportunity to embrace a new way of seeing the world. Your little ones are more anxious than ever to step outside the safety of the home and holding them back can be a difficult task. The circumstance also provides the ideal break not just from your busy business schedules, but also opportunity to invest some quality time with the family.

    Families that play together realize that it is a magical way to build connection, and diminish stress. Musical percussion instruments are amongst the best ways not only to keep your little ones busy, but also allow for entertainment and creativity. Musical percussion instruments are safe, age appropriate and will encourage imagination in your little ones, and are a proven aid in the development of your child.

    Building a strong foundation is imperative, introducing your child to music at an early age does precisely that. Adding a range of CDs to your collection is an amazing teaching tool. Not only are they fun to listen to, they also help children develop language skills. Amongst the most popular are:

    1. The Best of Kindermusik.
    2. You are My Sunshine.
    3. Brett Campbell CDs.

    A study says that when people get up and move, they tend to be happier than when they are still. Introducing exercise in your daily routine can do wonders; the same holds good for your little one as well. A good CD for dance and exercise is “Get Up & Move.” Let your little one dance and move to the music and watch them being energetic and bright throughout the day.

    Home schooling has become an integral part of our lives over the last few months, families are having to be teachers during these times. A great help for home schooling is the Times Table sing Along, you child is sure to enjoy learning while listening to the fun and catchy tunes!

  2. 31/03/2020 1:57 pm

    A great way to enhance your baby's senses and develop their skills is to introduce simple toys which are brightly coloured, come in a variety of shapes and create sounds that help in your baby’s auditory and gross motor skills; instruments that your little one can grasp, shake, rattle and roll. Percussion instruments such as Maracas, Rattles, or Shakers are perfect as the sound is created with just small movements from the child.

    Available in the simple shape such as the egg, or in circles, boxes and triangles, to the larger ovals with handles, these are perfect for your child, depending on the age, whether a kindergartener or a baby. We have beautiful wooden ones and washable plastic ones such as those from the Haliit range. A pair of shakers is best, particularly with babies and young ones as they are at the bilateral phase of development and want to use both hands together.

    Egg shakers are a great alternative to chocolate eggs for Easter, and they are long lasting, providing hours of musical fun. So this Easter choose a maraca and make it a happy, musical time together.

  3. 14/02/2020 1:55 pm

    Children are full of vitality, and a lovely method to channel this creatively is by means of acquainting them with some simple yet captivating props that will enhance their music and movement activities.

    Whether you want to allow them to freely express or you want to create a game for them, props such as scarves, ribbons, and balls are a pleasure for preschoolers.

    Babies absolutely love discovering splendid, vibrant colours, and allowing them to play with scarves helps develop motor skills at the same time! Playing with scarves is fun, easy, and you can do it almost anywhere, the secret is using ones that are lightweight and sheer. The dancing scarves from Kids Music Toys float beautifully and are ideal for peek-a-boo games as well as creative dance.

    Similarly, brightly coloured ribbons, either those on a wrist band, a ring or sparkly stick, enhance hand movements allowing rippling effects, stripes and spirals and encourage the imagination. Balls that are easy to hold, roll and catch in time to music are great for developing coordination.

    Incorporating such simple props can have a remarkably positive influence on your child’s sensory, cognitive, motor skills, physical, and emotional development, critical building blocks they need to grow and have success in school.

  4. 21/11/2019 2:34 pm

    For kids, Christmas is all about fun and lots of gifts.  Make this Christmas the perfect time to give the kids a fun introduction to music.  Not only are these toys fun to play with but they also help with the toddler’s cognitive development.

    Babies are intrigued by sound and bright colors. Bright sparkly jingle bells are perfect to keep your newborn occupied.  The safety of your baby is pivotal to us and our range of baby-safe bells in the Halilit range are manufactured in accordance with the safety standards.

    Our range of kids’ music toys are simple, safe, and made after years of research into kids’ behaviors to bring the best out of your kid.  Be it identifying the colors or experience the music, Rainbow Desk Bells are ideal for your kids’ first experience to music. A simple press on the button on top of the bell produces a distinct tone, adding joy and fun for your loved one.

    Our uniquely designed, elegant spinning bells play a different note when tapped with the enclosed mallet allowing your kids to be as innovative as possible.

    You can also make this Christmas special for your little one with our Fun Factory Jingle Sticks or Halilit Handy Bells that are fun and easy to play with.  

    Contact Kids Music Toys to learn more about our musical instruments or visit to check our products listing.


  5. 13/09/2019 12:56 pm

    With years of research and experience, keeping the safety, robust design and attractiveness of small percussion instruments and the precise tuning of the xylophone, Halilit has become a leader in creating musical toys for young children.  A wide range of musical instruments matched to the developmental needs of children even as young as 3 months of age. 

    With music being the core focus, these musical toys are created specifically for the purpose of introducing your baby to the magical world of music.

    Being a leader in the field of kids musical toys, Halilit manufactures toys that range from brightly coloured items that are hard wearing, easy to use, perfectly suited to keeping your newborn occupied, to more advanced toys that can kindle your child’s creativity, develop fine motor and listening skills.

    Innovative designs and the quality of the materials complemented with accurate sounds make Halilit musical toys a safe, age appropriate and educational choice for the development of your child.

    Contact Kids Music Toys to learn more about our musical instruments. Check out today our special offers on many Halilit toys.


  6. 12/08/2019 8:42 pm

    It is generally believed that artistic play can aid in accelerating the child’s development, but did you know that playing with musical toys even before they walk or talk can benefit the development of your child?

    Musical instruments play a pivotal role not only in early child development but there are educational benefits even as children grow older. According to recent studies, introducing musical toys to children at a young age can have a positive influence in a child's growth and development.  Research also reveals that babies that interact with musical activities communicate better and have a higher brain function. Children who have musical training or are regularly involved with musical activities have better educational outcomes in a range of cognitive abilities such as language, maths and reasoning.

    Rattles, shaker or maracas, are a perfect first music instrument. The sounds and the colours are sure to get your baby’s attention and at Kids Music Toys we have ones that are completely safe to use even for infants. They are light-weight, easy to grip. Deigns range from egg shaped to those with handles, allowing opportunity for children to easily manipulate and learn cause and effect.

    Kids are fascinated by the colours, shapes and sounds of many simple musical instruments. Maracas, drums, bells, triangles and sticks are amongst their favourites.  There are many musical aids as well such as scarves and ribbons to encourage and enhance the musical experience. Enrolling your child into early childhood music courses can do wonders to widen the musical experience.

    While musical toys are a joy for the kids, parents and older siblings enjoy playing with these too.  Making music as a family is a way to share both the enjoyment and the benefits of musical instruments and music making.  Become one amongst the kids, keep the rhythm with a piano, drum or any other instrument.

    Contact Kids Music Toys to learn more about our musical instruments.

  7. 3/03/2018 7:56 pm

    This solid wooden drum is beautifully crafted from sustainable timber. The slit tongue solid wooden drumhead produces a variety of tones. Mellow and easy to play.

  8. 2/03/2018 8:55 pm
    I have just made a short video about the Remo Floor Tom. this is the sturdiest drum available for a young child. High quality professional sound.

  9. 31/12/2017 8:54 pm
    This gorgeous wooden music and jewellery box is designed by Janod and is a little girl's dream. The music starts when the drawer is opened and stops when it is shut. A little heart dances on the Eiffel Tower to the tune of La Vie en Rose. Dimensions: 21 x14 x 10 cm
  10. 29/06/2015 8:53 pm

    Includes a cymbal a drum, 2 drumsticks and a handle castanet.